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Pieces for Gamelan Son of Lion

Mostly Slendro Passacaglia CD: New Gamelan/New York, GSOL-01
Originally an entr'acte written for "Karna:A Shadow Puppet Opera" - excerpts below.

A Rag For Deena CD: Dragon Toes, GSOL-04
In memory of Deena Burton, who danced it.

Jigalullaby (Sample) CD: Sonogram, Innova Records #718
Gaelic lullabies plus slip jigs based on their melodies with gamelan accompaniment.

Chamber Music

from Sun On Snow: New World Records 80646 (2006)

Barang (solo)
Barang (duo)
Studies of a mode used in central Javanese music.

Sun on Snow
Example: Second of f
ive movements. Based on an
anagramatic poem, for voice and mixed ensemble.

Downtown Steel

Aural Shoehorning



Tamil Quartets
Movement five of seven short movements based on the Tamil hymns of the Hindu saint Arunagiri. 2007
Voicing and structure are inspired by a question my husband was once asked while on tour: "How many people are in your quartet?"

Harps, Drums, Cats: Healing Songs


Three vocal duets based on a short article in Woman's World Magazine. 2009

Opera Exerpts

from Karna: A Shadow Puppet Opera (1994)

a. First Kayon Song
b. Too Long
c. The Ballad of Thirteen Years
d. Ouch
e. Kauravas, Pandavas
f. Karna's Elegy


from Wayang Esther: A Javanese Purimspiel (2001)

a. Closing Gate Song
b. Divorce Lament
c. Astrology
d. National Security
e. Esther's Meditation
f. Esther's Tango

g. Selichot

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